marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku

marlene mountain     francine porad

one-line linked haiku four      august 5-9 1998

hardly a nature

hardly a nature program when only males pass on the genes
bride budding cone-clusters on the cedar hedge
blanket immunity starr has his star glad i can't pay taxes
morning news trapped outside in my nightgown
if i had a soul i'd bare it if i had a secretary to bear w/me
parasailor rises into stratus clouds feet kicking

trees bend and twist a rush of wind gains momentum
shirt pocket with seeds to washer to clothesline
to friends church offering envelope the perfect mailer size
just who's buying fake viagra on the web
new cures everyday in a field of clover finding love
trained by the morning glorys by dusk
last loop on the afghan life cycles can not be rushed
'war against women' from male fear
obituary claims he'll be worryfree in the next world
child welfare florida cares less the humidity
7 million in Saigon and no traffic lights laying on the horn
new password helpdesk selects artistically

after mm: empty email box i pick mac icons on the way back
Navy's brilliant blue Blue Angels thunder past
embassy bombings again at half-mast 30000 threats a year
claim of responsibility like it's something good
such lust for a wayside iris that pale yellow opens up at home
parlaying 10 dollars into 12.4 million 'the lucky 13'
lists of the top ten poets would read like a who's that again
blooper renga essay's 'kink' instead of 'link'
for generations moon & cherry blossom have needed vacations
wanted: a blueprint to beguile him
i've yet to get over the double thrill of post-menopause
another great one! fortune cookies by the pound

my aria a friend comments 'saw you talking to yourself'
everything on tv tonight seems rude
boy scout uniform tucked away in the cedar chest
sleepless katydids keep running their legs
two directions at once am I having a senior moment
more mutations & we progress to lucy's ancestors

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