marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku

'real' renga sorta

marlene mountain       francine porad

one-line linked haiku 1   december 13-20 2000

what's left

'supreme' injustice well there goes what's left of the wilderness
want a bite of a red juicy apple?
gone south or west the migrant workers without food stamps
'snowbirds' arrive in Arizona a book store in each mall
electricity bill in the mail wind rattles across the old tin roof
falling snow thirty-five days from Election Day

a concession speech brings home the finality: President-elect Bush

still in the camp of the 'underpeople'
Mom to the rescue jumper cables on the dashboard
will mcveigh have another death wish realized
fighting with the doctors, nurses & his wife fighting for his life
stormy seattle on the line a wet blanket i need
hospital roomie jabbers in a foreign tongue or he needs new teeth
not a fat lady at all a black-robed 'unjustice' sang
at a ball game Rosanne Barr spits out 'Oh, say can you see...'
half the errands done back to doing not much
topping today's list holiday and New Year's greeting cards to mail
my ip to her ip begins dhoward.notspam@

clinton please pardon aileen wuornos who shot only violent johns
'...I never promised you a rose garden'
warm winter day now that the vacuum's repaired and plugged in
stitches healed with no telltale signs
abrupt change of weather four brown-like socks that needn't match
designer sweater kachina dolls swinging from the hem
land disputed by the 'world's great religions' for their children
now if Moses had just turned right instead of left
a bad dream that so many of us cannot dream past our potential
the scramble to the top a drop in stock prices
things taken away and things put in the carton of orange juice
speaking of food...his diabetic diet ignored

not a link about love getting 'kicks' from TV's erotic late-night shows

new 'presidensy' when the comedy begins
the man in the moon might hear shouts of 'we should have counted'
tomorrow the day will be longer toward spring
human-embryo cloning! pink blossoms on the flowering cherry
just think haiku about those who don't haiku

19m Florida death row inmate
Rose Garden, words & music by Joe South, 1967

Lynx 17:1 2002

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