marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


francine porad     marlene mountain

one-line linked haiku one   march 1990-december 1990

this lifetime

under cherry blossoms we share lunch and this lifetime
did you like me take a wrong turn when young
as the saying goes I have no vices . . . to speak of
to translate wompoems into japanese
airport greeting the interpreter's name held high
personal copier 'great mad mothers' on the move

earth day hard work on my land the world in fragments
'shift' a mini-rake scrapes and pushes paint
not enough reds invented to express this woman's frustrations
the Van Gogh's eighty-two million dollar price tag
all of the unwanted daughters all of their kept-hidden ideas
new logo new schemes with the Mac II
will they upsidedown our homes declare things unapplepie
police car U turns mid street
professionals not professional bottom line time is money
last minute ticket buyers at the goodwill games
kenichi leaves by greyhound a ton of my rambling words
speechless first contractions

monitored heartbeats filling the room I love you

so few places for honest nature
hacking a trail through tall grass wild blackberries
stick pins in their at-any-cost-save-maleface
Persian Gulf crisis Saudi women pull back their veils
another lesbian community forms
pollinator planted skimmia's lush red berries
i just wanna be rootical
four generations seated round the table thanksgiving
chaoscoswommos unsheveils her womiverse
full moon ladybug from petal to petal in slow motion
hard to hold back dreams of a new nest

they refuse to defend any actions of the other gender
covering each name for the art competition jurors
midnight i begin to pour out my vision to another hag
she is rainbow surrounded by white light
seems impossible to gather 22 years of ever-changing haiku
sunbreak through dark clouds the promise of blue


Frogpond 1991

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