marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku



marlene mountain      francine porad

one-line-linked haiku two  december 1992-august 1993

longer than yesterday

'a heart attack waiting to happen' today longer than yesterday
bombs over Baghdad inaugural fireworks
they play spit in the ocean make that 26 million gallons of oil
smooth talk of sacrifice hit up for another loan
at his birth 1 year ago tonight 'why wasn't i a grandmother first?'
play center toddlers wildly bouncing, bouncing

in control with a paintbrush . . . foxglove stand at attention
wendy talks of buying a gun wearing it using it
the agony of fear and pain thank God for acetamin oxyco

more rain mother nature and i disagree
quarreling they revert to their childhood pecking order

he 'what's wrong with women' she 'men'
jokingly Yeltsin asks Clinton 'does Hillary have a sister'

dirty dirty i feel dirty spring onion sets
grass five inches high new dad smiles as he mows

beneath the killing field bird goddess
startled awake memories I've never shared

warning adult female haiku xx-rated

paintings hung i declare myself 'crone without a cause'
belligerent expression self-portrait in process
years of need resolve she dreams of sex with her mother
hot sun burning my feet
babe music begins before the camera finds the babe
mobile of Disney characters spins to Brahms
no chance to hug young mark good-bye the quilt now larger
free time to paint or write or knit . . . clouds drift
the heat another dear jane i don't know what i'm doing begun
haiku reader I admire his nature poems and curly hair
our rivers 1/3 polluted or 2/3 ok lakes 1/2 polluted or 1/2 ok
flood waters recede mud and crud in every house

roadblock ahead his gloved hand directs the traffic's flow

just a torso in the rapist's trunk
three cemetery plots purchased I reserve the middle one
marija finally an archeologist i can love
excavation the statue's breasts adorned with red paint
kicks but no kisses for the 'comfort women'

5m) book title  12m) nbc's 'reasonable doubts'

Point Judith Light october 1993

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