marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku

francine porad       marlene mountain

one-line linked haiku three    august 1-3 1998

startled to be

old woman startled to be called an old woman
almost free from family values
'the' stained dress tells all about the tumble
when memory goes repeat yourself
that moon that moon viewer discretion advised
worn out from no tornado

viagraless 'ditech funding' solved all his 'problems'
a bump of brown & white on the road 'let dead dogs lie'
sprinklers on non-stop hibiscus wide open
too easy to shut up and get lost wwwdothardtofinddotorg
pro and con reasons to stay together
she's allowed to abort what was forced by her brother
losing ground to the river creaking bridge
affirmative action passive aggression cultural diversity
county candidates stake out territory squawking crows
must underwear be clean at home where most accidents occur
I question the psychologist about her love life

new mother cooing scanty baby hair parted and combed
on welfare lead poisoning
she used the f-word, s-word, a-b-and c-words
freedom of airing tit if it's for tat
online chat 'Romeo' sends instructions for a private room
i love nature's walls closing in on me
outdoor spa: pool steam meets snowflakes midair
pneumonia can 'lamb chop' cry alone
Care Center cookies for the lady who lives in the mirror
other-worldly linda tripp you are not me
so full so white above city neon winter moon
up late a lost war on tv

often a thank you to 'eric's solitaire sample' male voice
will you return to me with bag and baggage
79624 female prisoners 2 more baby girls placed wrongly
the email ends love me no punctuation
no road rage on the rocky road to my 'healing garden'
soaring gulls & sun-sparkles I break into song

7m) tv ad  13m) 12-year-old's court case  21f) 7-year-old  
26m) shari lewis (1934-1998)

Haiku Canada Newsletter fall 1998

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