marlene mountain
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probably 'real' renga sorta

marlene mountain         francine porad 

one-line linked haiku 6   december 29 2001-january 4 2002

repeated story

our longtime marriage an often-repeated story still makes us laugh
unfocused the poem slipped through
the kid explains: it's a thing that you have little things that are colors
one of those days i'm older than i am
on hold waiting for an airline representative only five minutes more
too cold to wash dishes too cold not to

if creosote hadn't run down the pipe's outside perhaps no house at all
and now the furnace guy...sun in the forecast
do we watch 'times square' for what happens or what doesn't happen
commuter: I'm not very romantic my wife tells me
lucky to be out-of-love a mind of irises and scrappy pieces of art
I sketch a dozen bushtits hiding a fat-filled feeder
cheese with something those exercises when the climate turns over
back to the drizzle one visitor only New Year's Day
doubts that the old toyota will start are deer pregnant in the valley
car ad no payment 'til 2003 no interest 'til 2004
seven hundred forever owed on the broken mac winter's green grass
good-bye note taped to the TV heart before signature

IceCreamKiddo: Who is Grandpa doing (I believe she means how)
so many words sayable if i remember which
it's all semantics frustrated builder calls rockery an outcropping
'latest development' he's still on the loose
laid-back writers at the haiku meeting five poems apiece
bits of snow more than twice-bitten in this retreat
estimated tax tally scraps of paper scattered throughout the room
unbalanced checkbook for a jillion wobbly months
stranded in the south need an atlas to hone up on geography
broken frames fixed with floss such intelligent eyes
sawtoothed shape Classic migraine aura without the headache
dang 'em old translators screw basho but bad

the choice between this and that sometimes the choice of nothing
biorhythmic low should have created more last week
a walk on the tame side little shrubs follow the way of their curb
complementary twosome nary a compliment
did a fly on one of walls file a report: the pet store now a pet clinic
how long until the world spins joyously

Lynx 17:2 2002

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