marlene mountain
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probably 'real' renga sorta

marlene mountain     francine porad

one-line linked haiku 7  january 7-12 2002

first snow therefore

first snow therefore first snow in therefore at home as usual
art opening at one table Leon, Teiko and Taeko,
haiku book in english but i can't bear to find the right moment
he brags: fastest in the world at 1.5 gigahertz
a shrub's life 'not over my dead body will they raise your taxes'
obituary: A Celebration! Please bring a memory.

'My mom toled me a kupal days latter so I new just to tell you.'
mailbox farther down the blacktop below freezing
dressed for Siberia to find IRS 1040 Forms and Instructions
a nondrip-dry blanket hangs out as the roof drips dry
sunglasses block the bright glare reflecting off wet pavement
basho nor i base all form on a crow in autumn dusk
abstract painting my search for a dreamy image to use as title
computer icons shy of those which mean hard work
'Oh! you take the high road and I'll take the low road...' contented
hockey dad's son testifies to save his and his hides
women today's heroes sign onto
the three faces of eve one's named jane

ice-melt will a 2000-year-old church truly root out its pedophiles
'out of the closet' with Alzheimer's
those far-off dirt patches i think of you and thank you my pretties
latest non-digital photos flying your way
homemade soup well homemade in that i cut up the vegetables
all of us with food issues candy under the couch
run dick run or go deeper into that bunker investigations begin
biorhythms I'd rather research the rhythm system
what's with the weather have humans destroyed the seasons
paranoia close to Seattle flesh-eating bacteria
almost a thousand bucks on the beagle the vet can't go figure
'a case of rage' 234 stab wounds

sanctuary converted to live-in studios hot-hued window sashes
buddhas put up and taken down by extremists
breaking news in the mood to indulge my VCR addiction now
repressed creativity repressed creatively
a gift of encouragement HSA Merit Book Award First Place
to be understood midwinter

2f Devoted couple Leon Applebaum and artist wife,
Teiko Shimizaki, one never seen without the other. They often escort
Taeko, a writer friend, to art functions.
Tacha (Yiddish) means
emphatically this is so.

18m 1957 film
35f to find the words, Haiku Society of America Northwest Region Members'
Anthology 2000; art by Francine Porad

Lynx 17:3 2002

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