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probably 'real' renga sorta

    francine porad    marlene mountain

one-line linked haiku 8   january 22-26 2002

storm headed this way

quick trip for blood draw and med pickup storm headed this way pell-mell
computer break leaves raked from nature icons
down to bare concrete on the entryway Big Bad Wolf doing his darnedest
in the bowels of enron all this time dick with a shredder
ego written on the losing player's racket

the fire dies out a chill returns in the afternoon quarreling of crows
lawsuit settled U.S. military women minus abayah
superiority and righteousness ingrained in the mouths of countries a to z
beginning reader self-congratulations
to make up for too many love & miss you poems i've turned to sarcasm
hardly trivial trivia: Laotians don't press lips
out of reach to the media the 'x-ray' camp of whatever they're called
better off than hundreds of thousands dying of hunger
a creature of the night up the wall to leftover bird seed on the ledge
wide-eyed stray cat thirty-mile winds
a battery that won't go belongs to a woman who doesn't wanna go
Hawaii photo viewed with longing the Texan's grin

entry arrives a western theme painting for an abstract exhibit
bath color-combo only matisse could inspire
full tub of hot water he claims he's turned into a block of ice
not more snow and more snow more rain and more rain
three teatjerkers in a row oh dear! tearjerkers three tearjerkers
just a hard-hitting haiku with a romantic sunset
Valentine's Day wedding planner books a tropical island rendezvous
condit on the campaign trail did he become innocent
Murder She Wrote little does he know he has four minutes to live
heaved from the earth the impatience of green and me
truly annoying/enraging posts on World News Speak Out board
freedom of speech in a dry spell maybe on mondays

toward the full moon when even more clashes rise up in arms
turmoil abroad my sunshine Jay at the door
juice from a grapefruit edge off a bunch of refuse-to-work things
unrestrained abandon frenzied dance to jazz
accompanied by the splatter of mud to the little valley i crave
God and Mother Nature hand in glove

3f Spellcheck suggests 'damnedest'
8f traditional long robe worn in Saudi Arabia similar to Afghan burqa

Lynx 17:3 2002

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