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      marlene mountain    francine porad       

one-line linked haiku 11    august 1-14 2002

weighted air

country air weighted with summer and angst a year since 9/11
suspended from school with her 'war sucks' t-shirt
recycling books a friend covets The Complete Works of Shakespeare
4m old ideas remain in the old-fashioned daylily
plump tomatoes part green part red what can I say that a bee hasn't
in a patch of soil only mother nature and i could love

wouldn't do 'til the world learned the found teenagers were raped
reality and fantasy on TV double-sided coin
past midnight the computer wants another game of dominoes
don't call him 007 we meet Jim Bond
hyped charges dropped he was overtaken by god not terrorism
prayer day world peace an impossible dream
new yellow bulb for the porch still moths flutter in their patterns
birds twitter over the dauntless Blue Angels maneuver
reflected at the pond's edge something within the milkweed family
speaking of family the whole bunch on hand to party
too hot to talk too hot to listen most of the week goes by alone
hometown...remembered houses smaller

a noisy tractor clears the hillside leaving two trees centered
'fight fire with fire' gone up in western flames
removed from Seattle airport foreigner with razors in his shoes
cut-back stems another inch toward winter
trip to Oregon with a bachelor alongside Mount Bachelor
raw garlic and cucumbers how 'bout a big smooch
we like the GP's advice: ignore fluctuating blood data
still in a bucket rescued irises
kindergarten eye chart Brian sings out ''
a somewhat bright thought falls on no one around
'new blue jeans with spredid pink dert thats how thay come'
fingerprint the world just in case

identified flying object does she carry that spooky west nile virus
a spider climbs our grapevine or is it Jack's beanstalk
whatever the mainstream i'm up a creek with touch-me-nots
his brand of shorthand: tanx 4 all yr efforts fra
haiku chat group someone still clings to the work ethic of 5-7-5
prelude to serenity looking up then inward

2m) Katie Sierra
29f) IceCreamKiddo describes a favorite outfit

Lynx 17:3 2002

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