marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


marlene mountain        hiroaki sato

one-line linked haiku number four    february 1984-april 1985

how come mom

'how come mom' in thin rain 'everyone we know is poor'
after a cold spell a warm spell
androgyny like yin yang bad joke on a woman
amaryllis grown from a potted bulb
first spring moon hair not just punked but dyked
awake at four, and until a sparrow chirps

two, five, and twenty of them chime in and muddle on

he pulled out still i worry
huffs and puffs in the wee hours rise into silence
family woman boy cat dog hen 2 goats
in a rolling spread of gentle upland green
tchaikovsky's 5th on fm the heat
'you are a lot huskier than I imagined': noted
quarter moon water in my belly
downpour since around midnight, sleep intermittent
biker's nothin free it's ass gas or grass
Virginia dayflowers being trampled by rude boots
two men discuss how they wash dishes

4.8 billion expected to fit neatly into feminine into masculine
surprised that 51% aren't all for Ferraro
jesus said i have come to destroy the works of the female
a family of wild turkeys slow uphill
a neighbor calls his cows hathor of long ago remains silent
'For my beau and myself I bought pillows'
the empty nail on the wall by the bed where your pants hang
Sunday, and your desk's no longer your desk
foot of the mountain the pope lies about the rights of women
birds are busy building their nests
poem notebook full of statistics pull of the changing moon
blue diaphram case stark on the sink

birthday card: John Kacere's oil on canvas:
at his reception our talk of white male
'Separately dancing--doesn't that say something about us'
america a rape every 3 seconds
a field of yellow flowers, delicate and fair
through the pines to the coven circle

Wind Chimes #17 1985


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