marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku



marlene mountain     hiroaki sato

one-line linked haiku five    july 1988-october 1989


in the middle of nature

in the middle of nature you open my shirt and kiss
a mound beyond and fragrance of oak
all week bird-watching i've dreamed of being eaten
a photo of the day after sun-drenched
ceiling now purple above the bed my toes on the moon
the crooked position of the centerfold wench

 half hidden by the lampshade and crumpled pants
love bites turning into bruises
remembrance of an occasional partner with blessings mixed
blues program opens with a cum bucket song
they say it's a spoonful but depends on what size spoon
if there were a tongue just above the penis
a butterfly flicks from right to left, left to right
moon in june too romantic for my mood
lips dry through labia labile who knows in ten minutes
it's never over even after i sing
the stamens cradle beady honey at the pistil root
slow rush of nature through my body

 with the coming of spring will i still want you
wet mouth gleams against faint light
there was a time booze form or sex washed troubles away
things done out of mere curiosity
male fantasies of female fantasies of male fantasies
that woman certainly is enjoying herself
my-ongoing-male-put-down slowly my legs part for your mouth
sleeve with someone's fragrance covers the parts
drenched with rain sleeping together wasn't what i intended
dreams after daybreak all in stark white and red
no blue moon in a woman's calendar the door key rehidden
the horny but puzzled boy will keep coming back

 "He was snoring away and the floor here was a bit sandy"
with so little rain forest left our impermanence
as clever, as domineering, yet she coos & moans to him
i love my sense of humor or is it fuck sex
followed by the smell of her rose for days on end
wonder what's become of summer's albino wren


Lynx winter 1989/90


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