marlene mountain
one-linked haiku


marlene mountain     hiroaki sato

one-line linked haiku one   march 1980-october 1980


in winter rain

in winter rain we kiss dry my suitcase closed
we shared a bed, bodies separate
a dream from fifteen years mother chasing me through corridors
stomach-cancer ravaged she comes to the elevator
no cure for anything only magic how you go down come up
your taste is different tonight

my lips on your soft wet warm hair: that first time

sly one the paths you've found to my heart
jerked out of a catnap: did I come inside you
your pen out of ink the poem left unfinished
before parting you were always to the point
unable to touch you pull my leg
sixty-nine or ninety-six -- lips everywhere
before breakfast showering i swallow you
memories are close now that you are distant
clouds drift your blue sock under the bed
you wash off my smell, get ready to go home
200 million of you swimming

will you skip town if i am late this month
this is the seventh evening, and the bell doesn't ring
you wouldn't know the valley now i am alone in a circle of heat
desire slaked, unslaked, on pornography
drunk with another with long lenses we shoot the moon coming full
'Where is my huntress? Where is my queen?'
cave mouth the triangle again fills with dew of the night
crisp fallen leaves tickle my crotch
inching toward me from your garden the 'hairy caterpillar'
pantyhosed left foot against the love divan
moon dark at the gate we wipe vanilla ice cream off your pants
two pairs of lips meet: cold and salty

those sunny couples I've seen in summers. in ads

the party without you goosed
caught myself counting the buttons down a slim skirt
your head turned a mole i hadn't seen
my vole died on October tenth

awake before you first frost on the sugar maple

Frogpond 4:1 1981


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