marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


jane reichhold           marlene mountain

one-line linked haiku    november 26-december 9 1995

a traditional pist-off 1/3-2/3 kasen 'rangry'  

blind links

rangry: head of clay-shes

spring rain another guy with penis envy
weathered skeleton thanx columbus for discovering india
the politics of sperm the heat
'then he'll charm his way out of it' a brocade of leaves
gazing at the moon
first love denigration of females
a good god with a murderous lust for land winter solitude

afraid to say what i'm afraid to feel autumn mist
my space--my place rice planting
a sea animal imitates my wom parts cherry blossoms
first day of the year still can't say 'no' to my mother
boys' festival only playing my harmonica while he showers
butterflies what holds violence within
the fulling block when he enters i lay down my pen
summer night learning to charge what i am worth
gene defect the child becomes a man buddha's birthday
she-grin at his dumb-blond joke hazy moon
police rape to whom do i report it? winter grasses
thunder the weaker sex now spelled differently

wisteria viewing japan's newest export violent rape tapes
a world of dew 'shaken baby syndrome'
for every female action a male reaction firefly's glow
all the balls out of bounds old pond
winter rain on moss  i respect all newts but that slimy one
tis the season to be she-pist new year's first inkstone
mud snails  white male professional white & male
river willows  psychics on the cia payroll
the ruined temple woms invade china come home & invade
two autumns  in his left ear & right back out
poor higg still trying to explain art to me a cuckoo cries
get to it guys evolve a column of mosquitoes

pointing out his shoes are muddy first frost
winds of march classical music at top volume
now and then understanding myself starry night
the rainy season oh how i wept on the night i was wed
misc too-tight pants go to the goodwill
learning to shine as i grow older solstice

4m) nicole simpson

further notes
mm: the above version is as originally written 'blind.' word changes in both poets' links provided by jane on page 29 in Lynx 11:1 1996 however 'unblind' the piece. none of my phrases were written with extra spaces as published.

footnotes left out: 10j) passed on for seven years  13m) whatever that means
20m) tv's 'hard copy' 33m) van gogh painting  35m) a 'dadaku'

of 33 and 36 i couldn't remember any more 'kigo' so i used a painting title and because misc is a 'topic' on a renga sheet i turned it into a 'dadaku' kigo (tho not published correctly).

this was to be a 'blind renga' [a term i created in 1982] on the subjects of kigo-spoofing and anger. the partners are to write their 18 (based on the 6/12/12/6 long/short pattern) links within a few days and put in the mail. if either partner receives her partner's poems she's not to look until her poems are mailed. then each partner puts the poems together as is. changing not allowed or the piece loses its 'blind' aspect. in this case each line is a blend of the poets' writing as well as the 1/3 kigo and 2/3 other content. the poets can discuss where the season word/phrase reads best.

the 'letter' attributed to mm on page 94 Lynx 11:1 1996 has incorrect info which i did not write:  '['head of clay-shes'] . . . how you [jane] sent me 18 of them [clichés] which i wrote links to and then sent you 18 more clichés for you to complete.' each of us sent only 18 kigo clichés and 18 other content. first line via telephone with lots of 'she-chackling.'

the reason for all these notes is that the concept/idea of 'blind renga'/'blind linked haiku' is based on the element of chance; it is either 'blind' or it is not -- thanks for listening.

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