marlene mountain


[maybe these were written earlier as the 'first spring' here was 1972. mm 12/22/01]

---as is--


that there thing?

That there thing? Hit's just an old weed. You can't get rid of hit no matter what you do. Why I took me some kerosene to hit last summer but hit never done no good. I believe hit helped hit grow better is what I think. Pretty? Well I ain't thought about hit that way. I guess you could say hit was kinder pretty. But I tell you boys hit's trying to take over.

  the purple flowers
above the grass

If you was to want some nice flowers I saw some down at the Mall. They was nice. I forget the name but I thought I'd get some for the wife. She's partial to pretty flowers. She's all the time wanting me to fix her one of them brick patios and a window box.

this spring
first year
                letting each weed remain

No I never ate none of them wild things. Now I've heard tell my daddy speak of eating [poke] but I never took no time to try any of them things out. I suppose they'd be good for a person but some of hit I'd say could be poisonous. Vitamins in violets. Law is that a fact.

a salad
from the woods--
               adding a touch of vinegar


World Haiku Review March 2002 [online]

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