marlene mountain
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nature talks back


nature talks back

bird/leave my trees alone
sitting frog/i have already been told too many lies
tree/who me pissed
birds, tree/they've sat down and talked enough, tired of being offended
heron/don't explain men to me again
leaping frog/spring morning a chemical spill summer afternoon a chem...
flowers, insects/universe love it or leave it
pines/acid rain less and less i am at one with nature less and less nature..
wings/manmade culture has deeply hurt us all
tall flower/i'll tell ya the system boys it ain't workin
hemlocks/nuclear winter (nuclear spring nuclear summer nuclear fall)
cat paws/have you heard the latest disinformation
waves, moon/i'm not asking i'm demanding
hermit crab/stop i've heard that shit before
butterfly/'logic' thank you god for telling our forefathers to kill...
'jungle'/it's not a jungle out here anymore 1970 a species lost each...
'nature'/the world has come to
flower/i've yet to pour out my heart
landscape/remember when it was just litter?
2 trees, 2 rocks/if you don't know by know i'm not gonna tell you
reeds/nature bashing oh yeah?
trees/'naycheer' global warming put that in seventeen syllables...
northern spotted owl/if i am if i am not if i am not me who is
bird head/who says a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush?
tree/keep your claus off


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