marlene mountain
painting series 23
exhibition statement and titles



(find-your-own haibun)

painting series twenty-three
wreckcreation (find-your-own haibun)
july-september 1997 (8 paintings, 48 x 48" acrylic on panel)

wreckcreation a
2) wreckcreation b
3) wreckcreation c
4) wreckcreation d
5) wreckcreation e
6) wreckcreation f
7) wreckcreation g (mother nature's vagina dentata)
8) wreckcreation h (mm haiku)

mm with wreckcreation h
mm haiku on wreckcreation h
wreckcreation sketch

notes 1 (unfinished notes)
notes 2 (more notes)
notes 3 (after the show)

Hard To Find, Valle Crucis North Carolina, August 23-September 3 1997
Twenty-year One-Woman Retrospective, Boone North Carolina
[selected paintings]


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