marlene mountain
painting series 11
'the Other'
exhibition statement and titles


the Other

he is the Absolute--She is the Other
Simone de Beauvior

your 5000 years are up!
Mary Beth Edelson

I'm not going to give them another shot at me
Wanda Eastridge

I have come to destroy the works of the female

When God Was A Woman
Merlin Stone

if it's not political, it's not art

painting series eleven
the Other
november 1982-june 1983 (29 paintings, 34" across/diamond [2 x 2'])

1) Take Back the World, Woman
2) Magic Triangle
3) Knot [of Inanna]
4) Throne [of Isis]
5) A.D.A.*
6) Not Just Another Pretty Face
7) Moon Burst
8) Crescent Altar
9) Graven Image
10) Star of Ishtar
11) Body of Asherah
12) Tanit Herself
13) The Grove
14) Sistrum
15) Ua Zit
16) Queen of Heaven
17) Double Axe
18) Serpent Maze
19) Spirit House
20) The Female Guardian Ghost
21) Idol
22) Road Inward
23) A-Maz-Zing
24) Divine Journey
25) Herself To Herself
26) The Sign
27) She-Lion
28) Sacred Moon Tree
29) Sacred Moon Stone

*After the Development of Agriculture, Merlin Stone


The Great Goddess Art Gallery, July 1983
Backdoor Art Gallery Boone NC, September 1983

[notes on paintings to be added]

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