marlene mountain
painting series 11
'the Other'
exhibition statement and titles

'Watauga Democrat' Boone NC September 9 1983

Works Of Ms. Mountain Are Showing At Gallery
The Watauga County Arts Council announces an exhibition of art by feminist Marlene
Mountain at the Back Door Gallery located on Blowing Rock Road.

The Tennessee artist, while receiving recognition for her haiku and poetry, is
also known for her paintings. She has displayed her individualist combinations of
verbal and visual imagery at Will The Real Gallery Please Stand Up! and at
ASU's Farthing Gallery of Art.

This collection of work is titled 'the Other,' and represents a continuation of research by Ms. Mountain into the symbolism of prepatriarchal society. The work deals with woman's ancient symbols that have been found within a religious or archeological context.

"the Other' will open at the Back Door Gallery on Sunday, Sept. 11, and continue through Sept. 24. Gallery hours are 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.


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