marlene mountain
painting series 14
'a woman's non-commemorative stamp collection'
exhibition statement and titles



a woman's non-commemorative stamp collection

painting series fourteen
a woman's non-commemorative stamp collection
july 1984-april 1985 (16 paintings, 24 x 36")

1c incest
july 1984
2c our boys
july 1984
3c under god
july 1984
4c poverty
july 1984
5c wages

5c color
august 1984
6c rape
august 1984
7c mormon corp.
august 1984
8c patriarchal devices
august 1984
9c male isms
9c color
august 1984
10c womenandminorities
september 1984
11c white man
october 1984
12c pornography
january 1985
13c pentagon
13c color
february 1985

14c environment
february 1985
14c color
15c landscrape
april 1985
16c kick ass
april 1985

['fine print' of stamps]
'male isms': list of patriarchal religions etc ranging from vacation bible school
to rape of goddess.

'white man': tribe languages of native people; around edge forts in index
of WOUNDED KNEE between words as subdue, dominate, control; quotes from bible, columbus, dee brown, tecumseh, (& me)
'pentagon': 'balance of terror not how a kid spells peace
'environment': words around edges: acid rain, PCBs, oil slick, deforestation,
erosion, etc.

'hard to find' valle crucis nc
'great goddess art gallery'


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