marlene mountain
july 31 1997



unfinished notes

wreckcreation (find-your-own haibun)

haibun traditionally has been the result of a journey. into of course nature. short prose with a haiku at the end.

in today's popular culture people often travel to theme and national parks and zoos to see 'nature.' or to man-made nature movies. even stranger are nature programs on tv which are called 'fangs' and all manner of adjectives such as vicious and w-i-l-d are part of the dialogue to get people to watch boring nature.

a cnn sports essayist when extolling a famous golf course began by describing it as 'god's green . . .' my w-h-a-t-?-! caused me not to hear the rest, fortunately. i've heard god called many things but i believe pesticide, herbicide, fungicide are some of the most intriguing terms.

the great outdoors, acreage, eden, flipper, vacant lot, jaws, big bang.

('if there was a big bang and no one heard it . . .')

as i began putting together some of my favorite words as prey and predator, alpha male, and harem for a find-a-word puzzle i began to see scores of other words. as it turns out all the letters are functional. i found pronouns, names, verbs, etc. initials as cnn, tv, bc and cb along with abbreviations as co and dec.

as i painted i found related and unrelated words. i'm sure there must be many i've not seen. somehow tho not my original intent i realized that a story, essay or the like could be written using the words and concepts--if individuals had a notion to do so. nothing smooth-flowing or proper english is needed to express one's ideas and feelings. we're not bound by any traditions. and never by art rules (which don't exist).

words run up, down, across both ways, diagonally four ways. some overlap and there are words within words. did you know golf spelled backwards is flog?


if you can figure out what i'm talking about and want to give the haibun a try, stop here.

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'the pro sets up a tee and flogs the course as a beast sits in dented sod. go doe go lips hera. meet me at the exotics food chain retreat. ma, hare and jim mac are in parkas as tamed tao oboes. the nra is swatting cowhide in god's sewing den. the hag's mad. so is flipper. the fumes and all. the ox vows not to rot in oil. and nike ate all the nikes. i'll tour any predator's ism nags mare.'

that's as 'fur' as i got.

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