painting series six
home paintings
october 1980-august 1981
23 paintings 18" x 24"


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1) Autumn One
Painting with son doing wheelie
2) Autumn Two
In a dry spell with brand new used wood stove
3) Autumn Three
Weekend harmony
4) Autumn Four
Saying goodbye to 40
5) Autumn Five
Preparing for winter
6) Autumn Six
A few laid-back days
7) Winter One
Sorting out
8) Winter Two
Toward selfcontainment
9) Winter Three
Stayin' place
10) Winter Four
Letting go, pulling back
11) Winter Five
A trip to type
12) Spring One
Planting onions
13) Spring Two
My own lights
14) Spring Three
Deep within the mountain
15) Spring Four
16) Spring Five
Gathering, as the moon comes full
17) Spring Six
Even in spring underlying melancholy
18) Spring Seven
19) Spring Eight
Dear sister may i send slides . . .
20) Spring Nine
Can women's art help?
21) Summer One
14 41 son and i
22) Summer Two
Our edges off
23) Summer Three
Art dialogue alone with occasional outbursts


painting series 6   'home paintings'
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