This set of window paintings is a return to a technique/theme with which I was 20 years ago. In those days, the window assembledges were 'purely' windows and led to a formal/minimal statement as squares, rectangles, and stripes. I rejected any symbolic (female) implication.

"one-in herself' refers to 'virgin.' In the old/true sense of the word, virginity was NOT a physical condition but, rather, a spiritual understanding woman (and, even, society) had of herself. She was her own person.


Marlene M. Wills [Mountain]
February 20, 1982

1) Window: One-In-Herself
2) Window: one-not-in-herself

Farthing Gallery, Appalachian State University Boone NC March 1982


marlene mountain
painting series eight

December 1981

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