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solstice cards
1981 to present



1981 pagan cheers
1982 star of ishtar
*1983 witchmas
1984 valley
1985 she has always been
1986 her sacred trees
1987 she is one and she is two
1988 mad earth
**1989 womocreativa
1990 maytreearchs
1991 sliectso
1992 cuntata
[for 9 voices]
1993 our magical past
1994 a wom's work
1995 the sun
1996 nature saves
1997 for nature so loves
[original image]
1998 mother nature
[original image]
1999 great mother nature
[original image]
2000 home-by-numbers
[original image]
2001 solstice
[computer painting]
2002 most of our 18 billion
[computer painting]
2003 peace
[computer painting]
2004 trees
[computer painting]



*witchmas/female: axe is for a: the time is ripe for ladies to be women
women to be witches and witches to take over

[celebration of female passages]


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