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over the almost-finished bridge to mm's house we'll go
wrapped around the shade sweet peas
left after the neighbor's fireworks the neighbor's stars
company leaves & leaves gifts & laughter
thick humidity various seeds to a family who's adopted me
bankruptcy for the cathedrals of bankrupt collars
the many paint colors hidden away a time still not idea-worth
martha stewart 6 months of prison decoration
first run for groceries stopped by a sore truck a sore arm
i forgot i've got memory problems
salamanders perfect in the reservoir yet ecoli & coliform
come november 2004 unmarried 26 & counting
wide-open doors the dread of one-handed hair washing
wounded & dead a policy of smart-assed idiots
hydrangea blooms blue less blue no blue i'm one too
every which-a-way laid-back bee balm stems
the road past the computer past the valley to a dirt patch
cucumber vines with not enough rope to hang them


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