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out of africa with her dna how it turns up in me from the stars
a chance encounter the first purple iris
home at dusk with the moths a tornado watch for the counties
in yesterday's dirt-caked clothes today
just too much to ask another spring date with mother nature
winter profile begins to flesh out of itself
'may day' a wren already at work in celebration
retaliation a way of life and death
state terrorism on the rise a house for a house in my book
no cure with patriarchy so popular
trapped by explosions in & around a famous bethlehem tourist trap
out of the grey the white bounce of hail
within the wetland tunneling crayfish and the life they crave
thoughts return to a poem unwritten
green galore of 'may day' unrest within and beyond the garden
self-tethered unwilling to budge an acre

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out of the sound of water a frog's croak as the odor of rain appears
just one little iris begins the outpouring of purple
overnight shoots of bamboo in places i couldn't have guessed
along with the new used washer no sky blue
washed junk some of the upstream peoples' way of cleanliness
a lily yellow at that grows up and bares all it can
the whole neighborhood aware of one neighbor's cow in heat
daylight where is it now the firefly that wandered in
after the first purple iris the others just can't help themselves
typed the poem unlike the one in my head
what to do with all the important things i can no longer find
war against the mountains momentarily won
used books categorized by author no longer used along with their lies
the 'religious' men leave in the middle of my take
end of the day part of the cactus start i gave him still in my hand
on our walk two box turtles on their walks
across the wet ground during the night a creature with big paws
$200 but the old truck now runs better to the patches
after his long-winded definition none of the haiku really fit
free for the unasking the colors of spring
the wounded turkey's gobble gone missing
frog out of the water into its sound

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even tho i knew they were coming the white irises
sometimes it looks as if the mist
less able to see a home in old age deeper into the land i love
everything put off to do what drives me crazy not to do
a bundle of nothing special good haiku by good poets & good editors
would you take all this take-over honeysuckle
in transition plants from her garden to the cool of the woodshed
fresh out of ideas writing hung up on the way things aren't
haiku what shit we go through from westerners to write our own
given enough energy i'd sculpt us back into paleoclay
did you find time to study how & when men took over the earth
full of leg pain the call of yonder
books posters cards words gather dusty boxes around them
in a dry spell more cool rain from mother nature
up and down and across early morning a pack of dogs
a rough road into the land time's not forgotten

2 high coup ha ku seqs
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high coup hai ku gathered 5/21
'our bejeweled'
our bejeweled fingers quite often don't even point to the moon
an 'aha' moment or a woodpecker at a pine for bugs
unnatural on one hand the season word rules for unruly nature
might 'anything goes' reflect that critic's fear of art
just to get published the beginning poet lets go of of of something
i've got it all figured out most of it anyway
shorter than some longer than others a 'one-breath' haiku
what's lost in the poem the translation

high coup hai ku 5/21
withered bough above the old pond editors perched
no room in the sound unless the croak fits

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may morning somewhere between too cold and almost too cold
on such a cold and cloudy day the wren bursts out
late afternoon where's that famous energy that breeds energy
just around the bend another green i'll bet
not one of the neighbor's poppy seeds rose to my occasion
more like a garden cart the old toyota
american mailboxes for junk and scary letters and pipe bombs
breaking news of heartbeats broken
through all the efforts to demonize arafat still i understand him
was it 'gook' we called those people in vietnam
barrels of black gold to slurp america's truly 'most favored nations'
half the program what's next in the program
up before the sun which slept with eyes open somewhere else
overnight freeze the touch-me-nots
new fern upside-downed by the turkey gardeners
mother nature's flowered the scratchy green
false alarm the energy i woke with not enough to dry the mood
knees the slowest to get out of bed
only reading is believing newt and red eft one in the same
oops it's planted in the wrong part of the sun

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'blackberry winter' nature imitates high coup hai ku a crow in the pond
at the frostbitten blooms newly-arrived fritillaries
a world forever changed planting time for tomatoes up in the air
too cold to play in the dirt i make-do with a dirt haiku
tho the back burner fixed the putting off of this that and all the others
those fire trucks up the road into the windy woods
personality galore on the surface a snapping turtle come to mate
milkweeds ready for monarchs lost in the process
no heaven and the world not right earthworms in a pile of debris
even the quiet bible-thumpers unread
watch out for apartments bridges power plants malls water
into our brain cells america's the bestest ever
if we knew how much our spooks got paid for nothing
like them or not haiku from my point of view
a freight train whistles within the sweating hills and dissolves
the back and forth trail through the valley i tend
home from the garden plot like a weed pulled and discarded
how did they know to do it red trilliums beneath the shade
a second wind the old climbing rose finds a few buds to bloom
true life a woman lifeless in the undergrowth

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