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the sweet williams stand with variations of something like red
lull of the afternoon as the heat sneaks in
roots deeper into the earth in search of a long-ago rain
with all legs now last year's tadpoles
'go on with your lives' as another spooky alert hits the waves
a bit on edge late frosts and terror warnings
a woman's murder sexualized by throwing in 'beautiful young girl'
neglected the park returns to nature
takeover myths the she-monsters slain or degraded of course
nearer when the transplanted day lilies will tell all
every so often someone tries to control haiku into less than it is
the beach changes shape in the prints
across the pond a snake as if it's lived there forever
in a raised bed 'early girl' & 'big boy' tomatoes
the land saved to pass on while comfort passes me by
for fun i type my name in the 'google' search box
the heat creeps into the conversation into haiku at night
once in a while i learn my creative spirit creates anger
from here to there and back caused an early turn in the road
almost an aria the morning crows

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early morning a thrush song changes what might have been
the peepers bring on dusk as if it's the last
late frosts into what we thought was drought a downpour into sun
all the curtains left closed on the humidity
after a morning of whatever i do i turn into moss
wrapped up in itself the sweet pea vine
perfectly clear lots of money to have our privacy invaded
still waiting most of the world for justice
predatory values in 'democratic' lingo peepers take over at dusk
can he do no right the popular prez
we meet in town in town dust back to the country for country dust
in no uncertain terms a wren's in love
list on a hot afternoon ends up shorter than necessary
what's left of the sun on what's left of colored shirts
after the storm the bamboo settle into slightly different grooves
an early start before the hills release the hanging mists
food for thought rocks gathered to hold onto the cucumber dirt
i overstayed and a wood thrush passed through
shouda the hardest of the three then there's shoulda not
energy left in bed until the dark pink of a stolen yarrow

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about to name my favorite flower the fritillary changes its mind
the stagnant day thickens the pond
when little josh leaves a million glasses and spoons to wash
get out of the humidity but it sticks around
so far all the transplanted daylilies orange but what oranges
bossed around by the summer sun dang it
today's fear of the future a little bit less than yesterday's
at the top of my mind make dirt and haiku
not quite up to sub-par the pull to be around a tiny morning glory
brain waves the attorney general needs to arrest his
will they come clean everything we don't want to know yet should
world 'sex trade' hardened new growth of the pines
remember the cold how thick it was in our thoughts and poems
another taken from her home by dead of night
[2000 children reported missing every day in america]
a life too straight on the crooked path to the valley
guest room overtaken by unreadable paintings
without permission irises dug up for dirts unknown to the masses
alone with birds and bees and what they love

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the longest day begins the same as the next-to-the-longest day
from the distance of heat all the asparagus gone to seed
drawn first to the red hot pokers in early mist of the longest day
within the dry breeze wilted yellows
in spite of fatigue pond water for the tired tomatoes
if a wood thrush and no one heard it
lack of concentration striped grass of wimbledon
days of pain nowhere to run
big minds at work to zap other big minds at work zap & be zapped
wanted dead or alive innocent people
construction halted to save a little-bitty piece of nature
someone elsewhere works haiku into rules
how and when will it go down in history 'the great wall of israel'
within a red chest rusty ideas and paint brushes
if the afternoon heat could happen in the middle of the night
behind kournikova a long-dressed 'linesman'
[wimbledon tennis]
all suspicious people and activities to be reported
talk's expensive a dime not worth stopping on
worries lessen as thunder brings a downpour hidden in the dark
in this male-god world i pledge allegiance to nature
on the side of 'the most hated man in america' not 'under god'
[suit brought to challenge the 'pledge of allegiance']
to be there to find a fossil to have been there to be one
is there room in the world for a tiny poem that doesn't fit in
i considered i could do something

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