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way past midnight the wind flows through what's already gone
stretched to the limit a red-closed curtain
how to 'keep on the sunny side' between two little hills
[carter family song]
fast-talking forecaster i'll just wait and see
front porch an inkling how much more of 32 years to avoid
not funny the one i make fun of the most
'biological changes over time' a new religious term for evolution
[proposal for georgia schools]
more women in the world but look who's fucked it up
in some part of my mind the notion of daylilies still alive and red
'all's well that . . . ' morning glory seeds laid flat-out
one-finger typing a broken idea on the way to a broken poem
the melted yard a brain sad for itself
oh brother another male assumes males painted the caves
a wisp of a girl found and of course found dead
magazine page a big snow haiku beside a bigger snow haiku
in just a few words a thought
the side of the road that runs back home
i've passed it by stuff i love

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