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no explanation will do how that purple got out of the ground
to top it off there's red afoot in the patches
i caw back to the crows but they're so much better as crows
still at it the lonely grouse and his base drum
after the fall apples tho covered in wax and 'cides still a favorite
determined to survive a bout of spring fever
'yahoo' the exclamation point often belongs on the end of a cuss
on one side then the other then both then neither
cycle of violence with the control of four-legged creatures
across the earth their suns look alike
i could go anywhere i'm off to a dirt patch before the needed rain
a mud pie kind of day but who'll wash dishes
mourning cloak floats above the newly-planted onions
one wheel stuck the toyota gets to camp out
compound fragments perhaps the easiest way to compose haiku
secluded in the hills with a moon that won't quit

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the cold wind won out trowel and i separated from each other
a thermometer watched never rises
up too early down too late just the sight of new green for food
no easy chair only an old day bed to a new day lily bed
a drop in the bucket what i've gotten watered from the pond
'operation candyman' a pack of pedophiles busted
who'll be left standing when all sit down to talk about the stand-off
this was the year i was going to care less
a violent road to peace especially when that's not what it's about
just too cool to be so out of step with the presidential polls
in circles all winter old green hoses wait to stretch out the pond
to end up with humble endings
hard to take for granted all these things that appear before may 10th
frost takes the daffodils to another tone
like a wilted salad but i trust each green will recover
mules into bulldozers hills into pastures
waterlogged the rakes a shovel & hoe in the rusty pickup
lots of get-up-and-go if not too far from home

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clouds burst on the marshes on the beginnings of cinnamon ferns
awake to the wren already fully awake
deer prints in the expanded patch a new daylily in each of them
oh my aching back yet such fun
uninviteds on the land leave with a good dose of neolithic herstory
new mission to the mideast well whatever
hate talk exudes from the heads of the holy land 'do unto others'
how much did that cost two men shake hands & sit down
simply put him in jail cardinal law accessory after/before the facts
nothing like it a crow commotion in the pines
have i mentioned lately bushels of those daylilies have surfaced
i blinked first and the deer take off
what goes down must come up finally dawn and it's about time
shoes without socks and feet without shoes

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dogwood blossoms float above the pond below the pond
rescue siren hangs back in the mist
it's yesterday again with many of the same thoughts that pull
over 80 in the shade the weather that is
a bit of moisture and morning glory petals find a pair of eyes
no middle ground where middle ground was
whatta! bore the waiting period for yahoo to make money
crazy about mother nature even stuff i don't like
don't die for my sins i'll croak for myself if possible near water
even if there were a god i trust myself not to believe
men gather to solve male problems a step forward 2 backwards
against my better judgment my regular
a name of one's own choosing somewhere in middle life
forty days and forty nights the tadpoles have wiggled
high spirits in the valley rain appears at the most likely time
a hawk widens its circles and is gone
my motive unclear to foam flowers troweled into the bucket
the compliment came veiled sort of
somewhere in the past a bag of twining seeds not too late to plant
as dandelions replace daffodils thoughts return to winter

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hidden in the woods everything about the turkey but its gobble
his young voice hits a single steals 2nd 3rd home bases
can't believe my eyes in april her lavender iris in full color
fall's transplants what have their genes in store
each painting a studio impossible to fit into the space it belongs
stonehenge just to know it exists in my mind
dear boys don't start any more wars lots of home stuff unsolved
dubya's comfort in his skin makes me uneasy
entangled in itself years of poison ivy and still it finds itself
red & black suits will suit themselves of course
where's a mother superior to spank those pricks
the beat goes on from a grouse in the woods
true earthlings my hominid family who too soon lost ground
within a tiny part of a tiny world
well so far so good as far as so far so good goes
just to hear the nuthatch alone
drawn beyond my thoughts by the shape of everyone's moon
i let the poem slip away on purpose

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