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gathered august

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run ragged from land-healing too tired to sit back and look
them's fightin' words whadda you mean nature didn't create herself
the latter a 'nature talks back'

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a roof that leaks floors that sag walls that let in nature these 30 years
sounds like mine a neighbor's talk of deer
white man's liquor and religion and 'beefalo' the revenge of tobacco
after the flash flood trash and fence wires caught in a creek of rocks
haiku with a capital h poet with a capital p nature merely an excuse

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the day brightens one wren's song to another
after the gullywash a metal mattress embedded in the creek bed
sharp as a tack the corporate lawyer's tactics against nature
in a prison until forever another black child america fears
one crow's laid out the morning rules for us all

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this is not your alaska dubya
hidden alive in a closet a little girl's body draped with her adults
brilliant move a spicebush flits to the butterfly bush
well if she has them he's got to have a pair of round heels too


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