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gathered september

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recovered from the gullywash the jewelweeds can't help but glisten
weather report live from the cicada bunches
to do things right a spooky thought as leaves fall
no hunting on the land a shot cracks through the bees' hum
rain all day stacks of old magazines closer to the door
on the back burner how to make it through winter

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a kiss-off world thirty years this land and i've smooched
the last time i really saw peres a real party line
let milkweed grow they will come the monarch caterpillars finally
social security 'lock box' funny money for a war thru stars
after the run-off dust covers the nymphs of what might have been
full of pride as monarch caterpillars fatten on milkweed

4 september haiku
pampas grass bends with the touch of autumn dew
the difficulties of poverty a scattered mind as people flee their homes
weather chitchat with the mail carrier the blues already fill the sky
the longest 2 weeks weeds seem harder to pull seem harder to call weeds


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