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gathered august

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the heat every once in awhile something about it from the cicadas
cooler by the moss but it too needs attention
as if to footnote a long dog day katydids take over the moon
heavy dew our talk returns to runner beans
a stand of green as fog burns off the morning red of a lily
on the line clothes only fit for nature
corporations fall 'playboy' with oodles of money to ogle the women
was she strangled a tiny bone fought for
terror talk toward iraq revs up and surveillance of our lives
reporters drain the last ounce for ratings
of late i tend to coast on what i already know and don't know
beyond the reach of a rambled rose
beneath the apple tree the grasses laid back by deer
new potatoes from the compost into soup
a nice day in the 80s fraught with danger even in the shade
will i have enough
goodbye to the susans & annes & renamed jacks-in-the-pulpits
no matter where i go i'm not here
insistent and persistent and consistent the katydid path
no small comfort butterflies on the butterfly weed

20 recent links:
twisted into early morning the blue of a morning glory
little by little the pointlessness of iris leaves
jagged holes in the pickup bed barely 100000 on the odometer
two beers dropped by with two friends
we sit at the pond with beer recall we sat at the pond with beer
decisions decisions so much longer than yesterday
screech owl again this morning so far nothing screechy about it
big plans to bomb clueless what to do for the next 20 years
'adult movies' full of horses and goats along with 'everything nice'
[as in accused murderer westerfield's collection]
then we redo everywhere like america a very violent place
i didn't get to sign a 'we the people' document or even suggest stuff
just where are those dotted lines
'but wait there's more' in the tv offer & even a prize-winning haiku
more thunder on the pond than moisture
left in the dust the irises and i root out small places of our own
due to art and nature i've lost my direction in this world
it hardly seems wild the boneset in flower again this year
parents dead child missing the dripping leaves
'amber alert' somehow home-grown tomatoes fall flat
a few things righted with the ironweed in bloom


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a pileated woodpecker fills the air with its wings then with its beak
reed to reed a blue dragonfly finds sway
bits & pieces to the compost more rhyme & reason than a poem
'creationism' anything to undermine the intelligence of a cell
as three verdicts flow guilty a small piece of the world feels right
with potted plants condos replace the crawdad holes
i startle a grouse by the branch which startles deer on the hillside
will we return land to native and slave descendants
2 + 2 = 4 unless you count the duration of syllable or onji or mora
'as the crow flies' not a lot to say until it begins to perch
dishes ready to be washed and put away today's progress report
hurricane andrew reviewed while they await a better one
to be on the safe side nature rewashes the sun-drenched clothes
fame and fortune but what won't go with it
now that the fun is over the task of haiku written without meaning
have you any private thoughts which need surveilled
as long as it's not pretty i'll wear it to town if i get that far in life
earth to earth with a sky within a puddle between


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