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before the trip to town rusty garden tools emptied from the rusty truck
low sun and pines the clothes hung out to dry
if i could get shed of spring in my bones and/or find a terrific janitor
in dc a tree smothered with all that capitalism can buy
late november a few dragonflies hang around the little pond
how it's turned out life without him
in this daisy-cutter world roots and seeds and messengers killed
doors open but i've gotten computer-bound
heavy frost buckets of water above the smoky hills of stony creek
israel more suicide bombs and settlements
insulated from the world one would think a short poem in anger
oh no i love every plant they've discarded

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the 'smoking gun' tape as bombs still try to smoke him out
a case of poison ivy in december now that's life
a lot accomplished at least in my tiny world of this and that
sucked in by another religion that kid from california
arthritis here and there clouds cover these old mountains at dawn
to take the edge off worries a fire built at dusk
if our spooks hadn't been asleep no 100-day marking of you-know-what
revenge at a billion dollars a day for starters
warmer in the kitchen but i've little interest in getting up a head of steam
to leave my happy home happy to return

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from now until then the days longer whatever else might happen
quiet in the valley a reaffirmation in the wind
pagan (country dweller) heathen (ditto) heretic (able to choose)
a steady rain on the roof over my head happy solstice

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tomorrow will be even longer wood ashes on the rotting leaves
the land imprinted within more to feel than to see
a jar of peanut butter just for the wrens & other frequent flyers
a basket of clothes to the line the pins just beginning to thaw
in the valley just to say i was if only i'd better mulched the transplants
subdued in-flight strange sneakers with a man attached
in a hurry to waste time a broken plate the second it's spotless
high-powered speechwriter childlike speechifier
imprisoned mother on drugs to justify society's pedestal ideal
flat-out cold a chickadee chick-a-dee-dees with another
larger than life the dead pine full of pileated woodpecker holes
a cold land warms my mind the place where my heart resides
all the fat man's deer misnamed it's a patriarchal world everywhere
cave by cave what's a mother nature to do

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