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a sunny-side-up day that began with the sunny side down
chilly canadian air inches this way on the map
oak limb after limb into month after month toward my primetime
waiting room for a shot in the arm
to get through winter wonderland to just plain spring
the tables turned and beneath more tables
package info too good to be true or too true to be good
the loyal servant dusts the royal past
a minute before the execution a stay for the schizophrene
high noon at the palace inspections of specks
freedom of art if self-censored before the censors of freedom
you're write from your side i'm write from mine
[after bob dylan]
from the frying pan into the fire from the fire into a sandwich'll do
turkey talk stolen land unspoken
a wink and a nod and the powers-that-be find more power
is the latest alert an alert or isn't it
since dubya's gonna err i wish he'd err on the side of caution
along came male gods with womb-like notions
battery trouble without enough downhill for an uphill day
autumn on its just-up-and-quit way

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sun streams through the pampas grass just a shadow of itself
clothes on the line unmoved by the stiff breeze
'oh to be' thrown in a patch of green weeds and pale shoots
still miles from here dusk
most of our 18 billion years have been good while they've lasted
rain on rain written words run together
watch out for 'material breach' maybe or not the 'trigger for war'
just the latest myth to buy smart land mines
ungrown-up big boys with a destruction-for-peace philosophy
one red and black cardinal down in boston
new rules to pack suitcases for the plane or a strip search will do
evilized the ancient shevinities my pretties the dragons
my best learning experiences unlearning what i was learnt
an inherent need to meet a neolithic female artist
to know today longer than yesterday perfect time for a heady haiku
cinnamon fern in its last days of nonglory
odor of earth in the kitchen compost with worms in the kitchen
always the last to be washed the old skillet


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