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mid-january a sigh of relief in the sound of it once a winter
a total stranger at the film's beginning
'snug as a bug in a rug' a spider unsnuggles itself across the carpet
back over the not-so-one-can-tell blacktop the plow
will the pregnant wife be found as a mother or as a statistic
'down in the dumps' a dumped body
rampant speculation the money core of 'breaking news'
his mind made up finish daddy's war
thoughts against the wrong-wing grain be mum or else
'dozers & a backhoe chew toward a site with a view
a bit of morning sun on the cactus which prefers not to bloom
a protest wall haiku with sharp edges in a rough court

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a slow siren floats through a crisp sky till it hits the mountain pines
tiny thoughts of green lost in the big white
a breath of fresh air the waning moon trickles out of the past
full of itself while it lasted the big thaw the weather that is
about gone as far as i wanna go tho i might start over at 23 or so
dominoes on the mac i hold my own
will she rest in peace now that her husband's found guilty
screwed-up kids in a world of adult screw-ups
'tan your hide' way before the notion of suntan lotion
march on washington a call for impeachment
[former attorney general ramsey clark]
alarming the plans for disarming women & children with arms
huddled in the color of primrose premature feelings
a special interest group divides into further separation from earth
'australian open' the sweet sweat of their brows
'sick and tired' of macho lip even commentators on tennis
haiku on this and even that a faraway moon

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