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gathered february

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alone with wind and mud and whatever that means if anything
broken wheelbarrow against the brick wall
bits and pieces of blue warmth fall through the cracks
where i want to be with little to stay on
a new countdown to life as we don't know it or want to know it
free elections in god's land after the crackdown
after a word or two a long silence then static on february one
[space shuttle 'columbia']
owned now by the media lives of the dead astronauts
daffodil and iris tips already are they certain my spirit's ready
unsnowed in and back with cans of snowed in food
tech info from secretary powell his proof to destroy downtown
'high' terror alert watch out for men in power
haiku in these parts unknown a matter of just doing it
winter pampas grass written down for a write-up

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mid-february tossed into the mix of zero visibility a few hemlocks
stuck in some of my ways yet able to slide out of the drive
main avenues of the world the showdown with dubya heats up
a farewell to dolly counted and discarded
this time around protected by the old hills as they begin to thaw
a chopper circles the club of former beings
into the anxiety of still-more-to-come winter pre-spring anxiety
'independent' film to ignore the morning news
'the bad curve' a mustang flies into the bottom land 2 boys emerge
wind rattles an old mind beneath an old tin roof
a poem written in haste the rest of the day to prove me right
see you on mars if there's a mars left standing



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