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gathered march

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wrinkled daylilies appear in red ink within a wrinkled notebook
rain or something like it settles in for good
pine needles in autumn-raked piles reappear in conversation
neither his small talk nor his big talk of use to earth
female activists naked in a field a protest against testosterone
at a distant store roots that belong elsewhere
unable to be a human shield so that's that oh well whatever
on edge the clutter of living
a trail still untakable onion set thoughts pushed into the past
march first the sound of it the look of it the very feel of it

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clouds fill whatever that peeps around the pond with anticipation
a brief escape from myself into the valley
alone in my element the very ground that holds it all together
full of agreement the sun and the green
a tired being in bed the sight of what got done rumbles through
in fancy ties decisions about the ragged people
yet one more womb-envy 'mother of all bombs' creation myth
lapsed liability insurance 'torture talk' on tv
elizabeth found the police & fbi nab more credit than deserved
a change of attitude as the crocus purples
the azores summit so that's that and on to the next so that's that
all this time to be humane
don't think i'm under anyone's influence including my own
light as a feather the first butterfly


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