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the electric bill unopened how the pampas hardly exists
without irises ideas remain without them
with no warning a blank page nothing normal about much
an unfamiliar snow plow uncovers an unfamiliar street
a towhee beneath their feeder 'windows' created by a thief
so full of art the film ended without an art ending
unable to make up my mind hinged on their minds and red tape
in an awkward moment the pine needles
the perfect poem a disgruntled ex-employee snitches on dubya
replacements off to have their heads hunted in the light
the gift package arrived safely three percussive frogs to play
hard to believe i've gotten myself to this age
no others in the universe those sent songs to be sung
winter break doors open wider than possible
too dark too early for me how goes it with the wrens
left to itself a moon without subtitles :


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