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gathered july

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only part of the porch swept a phoebe snaps the air clean
something in the curtain like a breeze
broken-record pattern broken to the flower patches & back
the crow haiku repeated so often it's famous
if you'll clean the house i'll worry about the rest of the world
cicadas take over the game of solitaire
slow recovery on a morning finally cool a deer dead in the water
ammonia in the dishwater if i get that close to a sink
gardening clothes on the line we hang on the cloud's intent
misery loves company speckled day lily
in a lull with all things summerish not over being under the weather
if only bones to contend with in each leg
my aches and pains interrupted by her aches and pains
heat wave clothes on the line fresher than daisies
the reason not to get up taken away by the reason to get up
a good drenching the pebble path reborn

22 recent links:
a preying mantis holds to the pampas grass a widening wind
like art the big pines within their fog
more of the same summer blackberries begin to tinge red
alone i hope if the first tomatoes ever ripen
lonesome to make something in paint rather than in words
bones of a turtle within its bleached shell
shade of the poplars a vampire movie begins just before noon
a little more human today soiled hands
in cross-examination a different slant doesn't change her dna
before it bounds the deer snorts right at me
if it quacks like a haiku duck behind a chicken and cross the road
name-dropping the wrong names dropped
throughout the world americans in danger being americans
unpaid cops all of us now
on the computer samples of beethoven and bach and 'wassup'
what i intended to say somewhere in what i said
vacuum on the old shag waits for someone with gumption
rocks from the earth for a path between earths
'dawn's early light' to beat the heat before it beats me
when not nature-shy i'm merely nature-crazy
change of scenery for the toppled irises a fine drizzle to boot
easier as i go downhill than up


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