marlene mountain
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gathered july


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a silent sky touch and retouch orange and red daylilies
lights off a moth watches tv movies
if the pack of dogs howls thru again the red hot pokers
cloudbursted gullywash
heavy dew on the heavily-soaked ground
rained in and rained out
around the world a heaven a middleplace an underplace
rickety chair on the earth a fall onto its cool self
9/11 commission pushed along by left-over relatives
'battleground state' not on this piece of land
dubya's democracy soldiers at the mercy of 'bring 'em on'
heels over heads for reagan the daddy-needers
far-flung ideas milkweeds thru pebble paths in hopes
a holey sweater last evening this morning full of sky
where's the little brown bat flown behind bedroom books
higher than a kite the pileated


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