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renovations on the telescope ten-fold deeper into mother's creation
farther into the woods with no art in sight
will it ever end the way lilies find themselves in places i'd forgotten
between stuck windows up-and-down ladybugs
march starts out like a turtle in hibernation however
'the fog of war' and the murky cost of it
mister prez will you rout out the evil of male-on-female violence
above the noise of the backhoe nothing
a mound of dirt i've known twenty-five years buried elsewhere
a click but no song from the frosted toyota
my people tell their people to work it out with those other people
'another ho-hum day in paradise' yeah right
oh brother the landscaper on tv calls all the plants 'guys'
'jobs jobs jobs' other than in oil oil oil
the 'other rens' of three the world-at-large & the world-at-small
packed away for the future the past
my haiku here and there if anyone has a need for such things
going nowhere fast if i go anywhere at all

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crows and their 'get out' caws follow a hawk to the neighbor's sky
a few deer prints help pack the damaged earth
full sun a few of the worries appear lighter to the touch
between the hills grasses cling to winter
if i choose i can write nonhaiku within haiku and call it haiku
a day of nothing not even 'nothing special'
in line with the party 'they will be killed make no bones about it'*
*cnn reporter
the pile of old bricks smaller as a new bed expands
a place in the cold dark earth the very best place i can imagine
from on high a shadow followed by its screech
before the crowd the batter rearranges his privates
rounded off to the next figure his eyes
six-month anniversary of 'zero' in the cold wind a chickadee
true love in the little pond
famous to me a triangle of stones signifying more than they are
dry spell reeds seem to be waiting for anything to hatch

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for the time being in 'condition yellow' a grey rain continues
in the mist of everything a phoebe returns
brighter outlook for the chives as the sun comes full bloom
a happy home in spite of its looks
trowels begin to emerge from hibernation spots
a phoebe's return defines the hollow
after the press conference a clammy lied-to feeling
a swarm of men after another swarm of men
will towers rise again to prove america's still the moral architect
cold and windy still room on the tattered leaves to tatter
found guilty without reason of insanity the satan-fearing 'mom'
more pins from the indoor line move into the weather
mushy haiku for the old editor who'd probably say not quite
between me and purple crocuses uphill rain
rules & regulations of the new editor tricks of the trade rehashed
a phoebe calls its name and i can't help but repeat it

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too early thoughts of hot pepper seeds in a napkin somewhere
always on my mind to live by the little patches
an ear to the sweet ground as nuke talk flies through the air
taped to the door of the 'run-in' photos of dead deer
did dubya say bin could run but not hide or hide but not run
full of themselves two men shake hands
back to capitalized nature if the rain weren't so capitalized
down the slick road backwards until tomorrow maybe
feuding brothers more to feud about as one wants to build a bridge
true to form after the yellow crocuses a bunch of purples
one more little girl lost to one more adult male's need to come
i could go on and on about the feel of earth
what's with a 'saint' who slays nonexistent snakes
spooky how gods showed up
neat and clean again before reptiles and females
warm enough to be out in the cold
then after nine months of everything else the rebirth of spring
let bygone winter be bygone winter

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