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gathered november

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drought continues we depend on the evening dew
from a red pen a moment of green before it slips farther into autumn
alone in a little space the big picture dawns at dusk
in their 'hazmat' suits a partial government cleanup
a live update the men's war brushes off more 'collateral damage'
i'd make a nest right in the dirt if humanly possible
sun still sets behind the trees clocks forced into imaginary time
alone with a distant nuthatch part of the solution

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a few grasshoppers and i squeeze out another warm day in the leaves
'ground zero' an ominous separation from earth even before 9/11
the sky's not falling but if just a little drizzle could find its way home
a full moon meaning what
new rake with more energy than i have left
back from the garden patches a garden show on tv
a sky full of autumn won't let fall its autumn rain

11 recent links:
frost dissolves i sneak a few butterfly bush cuttings into the drought
dishes washed fire built too dark too soon
not a care now that the prez is to rid the world of evil patriarchy
afghan children not even a cave is safe
passive energy dubbed female by the oil/coal/electric powers that be
seconds thoughts to toss the scarecrow's shirt
out of place a load of needles hauled to beds with no pines around
a b-something empties my mind heavier within the autumn blue
comfort in the phoebe day before yesterday comfort only in the insects
by the backdoor shoes of clay wait for morning to begin
a home for everyone some land too if possible

8 recent links:
'no end in sight' to the drought a layer of it thrown on the compost
just to write something down maybe out
pampas plumes thinner at dusk clothes gathered from the line
fear of women uncovered or not what's next
a new clock and a new thermometer not that i really want to know
pine shadows ripple through the hollow
where have all the protesters gone media back in the state's pocket
but what were human activities before mr senryu got smashed

16 recent links:
mixed signals morning frost and afternoon heat chick-a-dee-dees
ashes scattered on a dried-blue land
pampas grass and i hang on to autumn land taxes paid in full
uphill toward the valley downhill toward home
beneath the holiday cheer suppression that makes it 'religious'
how far could this first misty rain spread
such trouble basho created a 'amnesty international' concert airs
no matter who complains haiku content free
another cold day the long green hose still full of the pond
frosty morning the pixie cups soften
if only the silt could find its way back to the overgrazed land
wren at the window finds something tiny left by the night
all about oil for our great way of life a little rain for the daylily roots
as women lift veils repressive policies in washington
'how did that make you feel' the favorite talking-head question
five drained coiled tied put-away contrary green hoses

10 recent links:
my mind on lilies to plant as i proof a poem on lilies already planted
wilted suddenly as last autumn pink caladiums
how far does one have to go to get shed of stress mountain mist
first cloning of an embryo 'life begins at forty'
homefront security the insecurity of lies & secrets & a military tribunal
a long stretch from here to where i don't care to belong
why bad things happen to bad people in this pseudo-moral society
from the bible from the oval office: kill the wicked
still no rain to speak of we talk as if it's been a thousand years
washed just from the skin a day with daylily roots

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