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autumn leaves drift back to their trees the pond just before dusk
newly in love with a gentian whichever one it is
a warm spell iris leaves pull a few more inches from the ground
croned in a cabin since roamed by snake skins
books under plastic to protect lies as well as what marija dug up
[marija gimbutas 'the civilization of the goddess']
on hoover street in ann arbor 'i am a painter'
to be in a windowless basement and discover windows as art
elvis sweatshirt the way we were young
a friend from '62 calls a romance we didn't know how to have
white box trucks and their eyewitnesses good grief
death penalty chatter have we gotten no further than henry the 8th
raggedy ann and andy the good old days for some
one could dress up as a spook the undercover kind in suit and tie
freedom of info if you can read between the lines
out of the frying pan into a cold room with ideas on the back burner
fit to be tied in town even with a checkbook
1970 from the need to leave america to the need to leave japan
on the outside edge of art with room to breathe
strong voices for the 'underpeople' a fallen plane in minnesota
[senator wellstone, family members, staff, crew]
a long way from nature and back if ever
on their own and maybe out of sorts matted daylilies unmoved
still the dead canaanite 'shevinity' lives 'on every high hill'
under a maple whatever that red a dogwood whatever that red
reluctantly both doors close on october

24 recent links:
a view of the world through a tiny unsheltered piece of the earth
low autumn light finds the bare spots
creative slump a white screen allows a few dark words to form
death chambers scrubbed and ready for one teenager
pepper plants dug in haste in rhythm with the wash-&-spin cycles
things that don't work still hold the house together
pine needles swept from the roof creosote from the pipe
as unsettled as the weather the rain
trotted out of comfy digs for a weekend of tough talk the veep
beneath the sands of the middle east non-male ideas
one western after another four-legged animals hit the dirt on cue
election eve i get to hang up on george w
one of the oldest cradles of civilization about to be rocked
the squabble who gets to kill the 17-year-old
my greenbrier overturned by a not-yet haiku guy on a fishing trip
if only the natives had put columbus back on the boat
ducks in a row a phrase i didn't need before this sniper or two
tornados followed by what's-left looting
art made from scraps of turmoil from scraps of contentment
francine and kris and me and links galore
new photographs of the valley so far afield of the valley
still based on symmetry asymmetry
rock spring branch where crawdads anchor to their moms
a warm spell ladybugs take over the air waves

18 recent links:
a grouse which lives by the branch clips & clips the cold grasses
a bit of blues falls with the first snow
ashes from the wood stove ready for a dry place in the sun
burnt out from a big stack of logs
a romantic notion swells as the truck climbs the valley road
noah's ark the desperate search goes on
on the stand a rabbinic sermon an unsorry convicted husband
[rabbi fred neulander]
a fortune on 'star wars' the next on people-spying
without a famous season word the haiku on good vs evil fails
as the world ends the mighty cockroaches
not a gleam in their eyes that dang 'bin' so they're off to off saddam
every which way war from the talking balls
he's complicated from the waist down from the waist up
cold and creepy across the grass the frost
nestled in snow on the hillside fronds stuffed with green
left in a little vase after his visit a bit of the valley
almost successful i've moved my outside mind inside
unsettled as the plants lie low



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