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gathered october

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the wood shed half empty half full kindling still scattered on the land
men of god disagree on god i just love mother nature
reign of terror who first did what to whom
pain dissolved in an afternoon nap reawakens
in the black sea fallen bodies headed for earth

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one more family away from home under a blanket called a tent
in their lungs asbestos and people

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the day drips as far as the leaves the earth hard to touch
us versus them in between children with no choice in the matter
for all to see bare limbs of the old walnut
so fear can prevail over freedom or is it the optimistic opposite*
*press secretary ari fleischer's 'so freedom can prevail over fear'
as yet unable to find my psychic numbness cap
maybe tomorrow the spirit to divide the lilies
parades for columbus as propaganda flies beneath a crisp sky
under my housecoat a maroon sweatshirt covers flowers & vines

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warm days of october the iris shows a bit of next year's green
a time to transplant the weather runs hot and cold in the valley
so many leaves for the old bamboo rake no place to begin
the child's drawing of a house saved with my drawings of a house
beneath the autumn blue haiku the fog of peace
a neighbor's goat in the back yard its white disappears into dusk
sales of guns and gas masks up dramatically a new no hunting sign
i wish ground forces meant forces within the ground
october blue on the line the green socks not quite a match

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up late until it's early a haiku forms itself around one already written
as i wait for the patches to warm a computer painting of patches

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details details just to run away from the worries of 'real life'
crazy about being at home no matter what
the past almost forgotten no afternoon list of things to do next
if only the remaining butterflies and i could be rained in for a day or so
money pinched for what winter brings for what blankets won't cover

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