marlene mountain
one-line haiku
'as is' groupings


heavy rain ends the firecracker stand reopens
my sun turns into a hamburger the heat
another crossword puzzle abandoned the heat
a size larger tried on the heat
the heat a poem about the heat
the heat vitamins to get the vitamin lid off
abandoned notebook paper 'dear grandmother' cicadas
red mud caked on the tow truck the heat
summer night only the lone of lonely

summer into autumn bleeding
autumn night i read about myself in a book
leaves of autumn sisters of the world
the money spent toward home into the leaves of autumn
green bug greener as autumn begins
autumn ends jim's cafe now a baptist church
greenness of the pine turning leaves falling leaves
coal oil lamp left by grandmother autumn night
autumn mother sends shampoo for hair over forty
autumn sunset a tampon swirls in the bowl
autumn stillness i take the world to heart
the heat the haiku

cold day a bicycle leans against the pet shop
cold rain a smoke outside the doctor's office
winter day a new broom for the old floor/s
snowed in the color of coffee
the long night if i am not me who is
snowed in my poem in a magazine
the long night shadows too gather around the fireplace
a cold cold night our bodies bare
solstice i almost write a nonpolitical haiku
still no one knows me the meadows of winter
solstice women gather unwrap the moon
can't get away from it merry christmas on radio moscow
fuck christmas
birthday a poem about the end of the world
not wanting to save 14 cents the millionth day of winter
on the store's loud speaker the fraud of christmas
on the store's big brother speaker the fraud of christmas
the year over a new one not yet begun
the year ends my new one yet to begin

spring morning the grasshopper just misses the pond
into spring a new patch on my jeans

can the poets still draw
rush hour traffic one mountain flows into another
long distance we talk about our son's poor grades
full moon unalone woman in a menstrual hut
art show our talk of anger linear thinking 'progress'
what's in the truck passing what's in that train passing
woodstock beyond drugs asbestos in the drinking water
his organs and name changed but not his her/itage
i'm hungry he says sitting down on the couch
school begins the fat child moves closer to the fatter one
old tennis shoes one lace thinner
another painful letter to which i again say no
puffiness full moon
i know longer hear from her
back home i unwrap into myself
back home from the market news of a trillion dollar budget
pelvic exam only heard of the g spot he answers
sign across from the drug store: cocaine kills

i've never had a president
i've already been told too many lies
i am not as white as i look
i'm too meaningful to be blown up
free freedom
there is no precedent we must do it first
after the president's press conference even more confused
shape up or i'll burn a triangle on your lawn
1 in 3 american women likely to be raped
1 in 7 americans poor

i leave your garden a swallowtail between my legs
your sperm no longer yours
alone tonight i eat tongue
after love a dream of lazy susan breasts
you leave wanting you again
alone the word enter enters me
the long day your voice from a pay phone
after you leave i sleep another night on our sheet
you and the night spent
secluded in the mountain seduced
waking you at three

forest death

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