marlene mountain
one-line haiku
'as is' groupings



dump japan
i cackle over the grandiose rules of haiku
'nothing special' a haiku magazine in the mail
censorship of 'nature' in haiku
are other poems more honest than haiku are honest
the avant-garde becomes the old-garde and guards
breeze the chime from japan no longer chimes
radio japan she speaks obliquely of his sexism

night heat those dang katydids
forester marks trees that should be cut the sacred grove

autumn stillness i take less of the world's evils to heart
i live in my room when i can
money spent toward home through autumn leaves
i've yet to pour out my heart
a day of pain i order a 'woman of power' button
i find myself in her words

a new broom for the old floors
never comfortable
first snow more aware of all that needs to get done
still inhibited by small minds

not a better braver subject than women's stuff
the real meaning of crone
women waste their breath
'women have been suppressed longer than any other group'


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