marlene mountain
one-line haiku
'as is' groupings

haiku 1

not right i guess to grieve beside the first purple crocus
warmed by firewood troubled by vanishing forest and ozone
consumed with getting by maple leaves before they fall
spring's cum
zhivago the russian snow only marble dust in sizzling spain
daffodils the lightness of being uninlove
more rain mother nature and i disagree
again yellow violets yet lower on the eroding hill
bug-killer ad the discovery channel
can i learn from the hepatica root-tangled in jagged rocks
somalis on tv i can't shoo flies from the baby's face
i've come to the fir and learned of acid clouds
to borrow on life insurance to live autumn leaves
new year's same old rotten world beautiful earth
traditionalists don't forget the cold and flu season
red splatters in the snow abstract painting in sarajevo
as the rainforests go so go i
none of the horses in the western poops
memory does it just disappear into thin ozone
oh yes oh no fall warblers have arrived

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