marlene mountain
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haiku 2

peaceman finally admits 'the west can go to hell'

the heat the heat the heat a sprinkle the heat the

one day into another our night between

insistent chiggers and repressive government policies

black history month women's week the rest white male

i was fortyfive before i heard of matilda joslyn gage

a good rain a loan to the dentist when god was a woman

everyone gets married and has kids the heat

police shoot into a crowd of mourners police shoot into

white sugar white flour white male

boatwoman rescued thrown into a prostitution house

wish i had known when young 1-20 crones like i am now


russian bullshit/propaganda in it at least there's hope

emily: freedom of press any old jerk can write a novel

the conversation turns to welfare cheese

leaves have fallen moon mountain

the long night sexist haiku

a leaf floats through the chill

the world based on a lie i paint what i want to paint

a gang of one ranting and raving in the mountain

autumn i am drawn deeper inside

stunted by those years with him

arms definition to put around a body not to kill it

off the cell floor they lap water and blood of the dead

alone middle of the night i can do it all

we three by the pond he mentions poverty first

the long day you leave as it begins

leaves of autumn sisters of the world


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