marlene mountain
one-line haiku
'as is' groupings


scratched into the mountain shadows of the moon
a size larger tried on the heat
recess fat child moves closer to the fatter child
cold rain a smoke outside the doctor's office
winter comes a new broom for the old floors
cold day a bicycle leans against the pet shop
another crossword puzzle abandoned the heat
snowed in the color of coffee
heavy rain ends the firecracker stand reopens
the heat vitamins to get the vitamin lid off
autumn night i read about myself in a book
p r I d e
forest death [visual]
back home i unwrap into myself
after love a dream of lazy susan breasts
the long night if i am not myself who is
waking you at three
old tennis shoes one lace thinner
c  o v e r t [visual]

the heat a poem about the heat
my son turns into a hamburger the heat
another painful letter to which i again say no

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