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haiku on haiku two

[collected from 'one-line linked haiku' pieces & sequences]

poor basho his translated haiku used against us against him
surrounded by non-kigo nature ah
can’t wait for nature’s spring not the haiku spring of poets
the heat the haiku clothes still in the washer
haiku's nothing special seems hardly profound lightness of ferns
open spirit a pared-down poet
long lost friend on the web how expensive my haiku now
i’ve come to the fir and learned of acid clouds *
lift-off our here & now just as ambiguous as it's always been
tangled up in old maybe-poems
acting 'carrying heavy objects' haiku 'carrying light objects'
haiku is as haiku isn't as haiku is
the less i know about haiku/renga the more i know about nature
not done in japanese haiku but just fine with mm
'heightened state of awareness' a leanback chair a haiku
first-grade pictures a tongue-tied kigo
haiku mates the energy the time the space for other ideas
up late with a creative creature miles away
nothing linear about message art the face of famine
'anything you can' howl 'i can' howl . . . **
haiku magazine breezed through after all there's nothing special
lst online search anarchy atheism art haiku
how low can lowku go i asked years ago in a high coup tear out
don't come to me with that talk of japanese haiku
red dot on white ache of clean heculture to control dirty shenature
admonition no i in haiku well ok haku
just wait till the 'wrongwingers' take over art nature sex & all
my haiku bark many times worse than my bite
the guards the owners the dead-weights of haiku nope not dead yet
home from the garden i've forgotten the garden haiku
embarrassed again to admit i write haiku with no chance to explain
a protest wall haiku with sharp edges in a rough court
scum in the pond so generous and pretty not so in the haiku pond
to know today longer than yesterday perfect time for a heady haiku
idea: editors send sase for our poems
after mm: empty email box i pick mac icons on the way back
dirt to haiku to solitaire & back an odd little road
my run-down life with no waterfall yet a foot taller than issa's ***
'just the facts ma’am’ mad/am i am it’s all haiku to me
insulated from the world one would think a short poem in anger
beneath the autumn blue haiku the fog of peace
mouseitis/carpal tunnel syndrome maybe a haiku wrist splint
new goal slightly infamous and above the poverty level
my best learning experiences unlearning what i was learnt
can the poets still draw
basho yawns can't-do-that westerners as he yawned at japanese
'life hard' not zen not haiku she says to blinding snow
'dark & stormy night' a block written beyond written blanks
issa got by with something the fly wringing its hands
do women of japan write private haiku hungry i go to bed uneaten
old pond a tractor driven into the sound of what ****
tv movies & email haiku a mind snowed in along with the rest of me
even as september's hauled away why not haiku
stuck at the mac with old poems only half of autumn passes me by
unable to think on paper great blue and i
i no longer remember the intensity of typed poems
a low day a haiku that won't come out
oh issa see how the fly doesn't wring its dirty hands
still able to admit anger is art
moments unkeenly perceived that fill our heads notebooks magazines
fear of anything goes from the 'only what's went' boys
unable to find one rule in the technical poet's japaneasy poem
'preparation h(aiku)'
absolute right to pursue a moment of one's own
left out by the contest guidelines
to write oneself out of the system morning cool
talent not 'god-given' optimistic
fresh from little moments to 'breaking news' of a broken world
an autumn day i read about myself in a book

* after basho
** ginsberg and mm
*** issa: two-foot waterfall it too makes music and is cool
**** protest in washington dc

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