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haiku on haiku one

[collected from 'one-line linked haiku' pieces & sequences]

everyday haiku some of winter rubs off in a short string of words
a plan to put a note on my foot: haiku is a nature poem
now that the fun is over the task of haiku written without meaning
cold creeps into a haiku as it begins
my mind on lilies to plant as i proof a poem on lilies already planted
japaneasy haiku
bits & pieces to the compost more rhyme & reason than a poem
japanese haiku who can get over it
such trouble basho created an 'amnesty international' concert airs
'read my lips no new' haiku*
every so often someone tries to control haiku into less than it is
a long pause if one must read somebody's 'what is haiku'
quiet morning chatterers flame oh the complications of western haiku
be careful where you visit it may be kigoized
haiku with a capital h poet with a capital p nature merely an excuse
hard to escape even hard times can fill a haiku
haiku what shit we go through from westerners to write our own
bye-bye good boys of haiku
clutter of paper so much past surrounds a nothing-special present
a sport a sport a card game a card game a haiku a haiku
oh i get it first you have to realize you've been in endarkenment
a poem about 'shrub' who knows the way of haiku
to protect the purity of haiku one solution to be pissed at mine
the moon so full it belongs outside a haiku
a bundle of nothing special good haiku by good poets & good editors
unfocused the poem slipped through
compound fragments perhaps the easiest way to compose haiku
a 'talking haiku' not full of cement or is it concrete
leaves smeared in fog on the most potential haiku branch a crow
the charm of haiku lies in the writing not in the reading
watch out for big ears if you've a subversive gleam in your art
someone elsewhere works haiku into rules
is there room in the world for a tiny poem that doesn't fit in
rain to sleet to snow weatherguy's kigo: ice event
unable to understand my haiku his unswung pendulum
just grins when a frog jumps into the pond
a quiet fog takes over the darkness forecast of a short poem
words words words corrupt my visual world
don't forget to write someone's rehashed version of a crow
frog out of the water into its sound
oops i forgot to add just the right amount of zen to the poem
distracted the poem turns into a grocery list
touch-me-nots appear in the cool wet ground no haiku needed
can't hold up the haiku sky whee
will someone in japan throw up on the younger
a woman writes a haiku summer day
a haiku explained to a broad-minded & a narrowed-minded guy
computer crash a haiku just hangs around
if it quacks like a haiku duck behind a chicken and cross the road
haiku in prose but someone afraid of prose in haiku
pickers & choosers of japanese rules i call the results 'japaneasy'
'off on a tangent' an art term to me
leave well enough alone western haiku messed up or not
warning adult female haiku xx-rated
third snow just enough to remind anyone i know that kigo
ripped from my haiku the headlines
here come the crows not an autumn branch in the dusk
deeper into spring spring-writing seems useless
i get the biggest kick from my obscure art created in obscurity
early spring not to write about it but to be out in it
'don't ask don't tell' figure out haiku for yourself if you've a need
'i love them both roberta long and short haiku' **
out of the sound of water a frog's croak as the odor of rain appears
like them or not haiku from my point of view
so witty the haiku/senryu debaters unlurked themselves
with no opinion on everything i write haiku
experimenter a name given me by 'newbies' & 'traditionalists'
not like the good/bad 70s when i craved oph ***
'as the crow flies' not a lot to say until it begins to perch
a story with legs a frog into an old pond
creative slump a white screen allows a few dark words to form
if you want to hear my poems help yourself
pretty good definition on not worth the paper it's written on
darn a haiku about dubya since dubya's nature too
throughout the workshop his 20000000 talking points of haiku
nature imitates high coup hai ku a crow in the pond
not at all like a good little haiku poet afraid of the coming winter
thoughts return to a poem unwritten
water's sound entwined with frog's jump equal ye olde kerplunk
poems written in red just the last 21 years
lists of the top ten poets would read like a who's that again
newt out of the water into its eft
of course a frog will jump into the sound of an old pond
btw what rules
the heat creeps into the conversation into haiku at night
old pond a frog rises belly up
rough & tough in the empty space of haiku advice & consent
rain on rain written words run together
48% of americans believe in ufos less in identified haiku
i've freed haiku from that fuckin' sound of water
for generations moon & cherry blossom have needed vacations
the crow haiku repeated so often it's famous
through the night your snow as i respond to your poems
no matter who complains haiku content free
even out in the woods other-lined a mystery to me
in a perfect world haiku ****

* former president george h w bush and mm
** a 'dadaku' from the mid-70s [based on an ad]
*** 'other people's haiku' after 'other people's kids'
**** cindy you caused me to write this and giggle 6/3/02

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